SNMP Products Overview
Tools Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)


AgenPro is the most advanced and flexible code generation software available for SNMP development today.

With its open-source code generation back-end, AgenPro provides you full control about format, scope, target API, and even programming language of the generated code. Ready-to-use templates are included for:

  • SNMP4J-Agent/-AgentX
  • AGENT++/AgentX++.

The features are rounded out by a built-in SNMPv1/v2c/v3 agent simulator with live data editing for easy testing of command generator applications.


MIB Designer

MIB Designer is a Java™ 2SE application to visually create and edit MIB modules that comply with the Structure of Management Information (SMI) rules. With MIB Designer there is no need to be familiar with ASN.1 nor with the SMI syntax notation. MIB Designer supports:

  • drag & drop of MIB nodes,
  • strict error checking,
  • unlimited undo/redo even for structural changes,
  • and live view with syntax highlighting and more...

MIB Designer makes writing MIBs a question of minutes - on almost any operating system.


MIB Explorer

MIB Explorer is an user-friendly SNMP v1/v2c/v3 MIB browser to

  • Browse, configure, debug, monitor, and discover SNMP entities
  • Edit and verify MIB specifications pursuant to the SMI v1/v2 rules and
  • Export MIBs to text, XML, XSD, HTML, and PDF (Java version only).

The innovative and elaborated functions and tools provide easy-to-use and highly inter-operable SNMP management with many open import/export interfaces. See the MIB Explorer features for more details. Check out MIB Explorer with a free evaluation license and compare it with other MIB browsers - you will notice the difference!



The SNMP4J Command Line Tool (CLT) can be used to send SNMPv1/v2c/v3 requests and traps to a target using UDP or TCP transport using IPv4 and IPv6 (if available on the used platform). The tool supports all security protocols of SNMP4J and comprise a SMI MIB parser.



SNMP4J is an enterprise class free open source SNMP implementation for Java™ SE. The following SNMP versions and security protocols are supported:

  • SNMP v1, v2c, and v3
  • MD5, SHA, and SHA-2 authentication protocols
  • DES (CBC), AES (128/192/256 bit), 3DES (EDE) privacy protocols

SNMP4J as a built-in interface for MIB data (implemented by SNMP4J-SMI-PRO) for seamless usage of MIB object names instead of cumbersome object identifiers (OIDs).



SNMP4J-Agent adds an agent framework on-top-of the SNMP protocol API SNMP4J. It provides security based on the View based Access Model (VACM) and object oriented instrumentation. The standard MIBs and RFCs implemented are listed here.



SNMP4J-AgentX adds support for:

  • AgentX master and subagents
  • Efficient instrumentation of large virtual SNMP tables

SNMP4J-AgentX is used on top of SNMP4J-Agent and SNMP4J and implements the IETF AgentX protocol on TCP/IP v4 and v6.



The SNMP4J-AgentJMX adds a full JMX mapping framework on top of SNMP4J-Agent enabling you to use JMX MBeans as instrumentation for your SNMP agent.



SNMP4J-Model provides proxy objects for scalar and tabular SNMP data in Java applications.

It implements GET and SET SNMP operations, queueing, conversions, and uses MIB information for value formatting/parsing.



SNMP4J-SMI-PRO adds MIB parsing and management to your SNMP4J(-Agent) application without changing existing code. Read how it works here.



SNMP++v3.x is based on SNMP++v2.8 from HP™ and extends it by support for SNMPv3 and a couple of bug fixes. SNMP++v3.x is a C++ API which supports SNMP v1, v2c, and v3. The v3 support for SNMP++ is provided by courtesy of Jochen Katz (

SNMP++v3.x extends the original SNMP++v2.8 code base by the following:

  • SNMPv3 including User Security Model (USM) with:
    • MD5, SHA, and SHA-2 authentication protocols
    • DES (CBC), AES (128/192/256 bit), 3DES (EDE) privacy protocols
  • Thread-safety
  • Bug-fixes



AGENT++ is a C++ framework based on SNMP++ implementing a complete protocol engine and dispatch table for the development of SNMP agents.

It supports all SNMP versions and provides View based Access Control (VACM) and C++ classes implementing prototypes for scalar and table SNMP managed objects that can be customized by derivation. Additional classes support the development of proxy agents as well as sending notifications.



AgentX++ adds AgentX support for master and sub-agents to any AGENT++ SNMP agent.

AgentX++ supports UNIX domain socket and TCP socket connections and includes a full implementation of the AgentX MIB.


AGENTPP SNMP software is dedicated to make the simple in Simple Network Management Protocol come true for developing SNMP agents and applications (Java/C++) as well as authoring (SMI) MIBs. Our software packages achieve this objective by a clear and true object oriented design and implementation.

Standard conformance, long term maintainability, and usability are leading goals for any AGENTPP development. As a matter of course, all security relevant APIs are available as open source for maximum transparancy.

Try out for yourself the ease of creating reliable, maintainable, and secure SNMP solutions for your business in less time with a fair and reasonable licensing! You will recognize the difference like many users did before. Particularly, they appreciate the assistance they get through the public accessible AGENTPP forum launch (mailing lists archives launch) as well as the commercial support packages.