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SNMP Code Generation from MIB Specifications

Generate Java and C++ SNMP agents from a set of MIBs within a few minutes. Get high quality code really fast! Automate your SNMP implementation with roundtrip engineering, live preview with code diff,  and fully customizable templates now.

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AgenPro is the most advanced and flexible code generation software available for SNMP development today. It has an open-source code generation back-end which gives the user full control about format, scope, target API, and even programming language of the generated code. A built-in SNMPv1/v2c/v3 agent simulator provides a runnable agent instantly. The key features are:

  • Open source code generation back-end based on templates. Code generation templates are included for AGENT++/AgentX++ (C++) as well as for SNMP4J (Java).
  • Roundtrip Engineering: Merge with existing code is supported (even for customized templates). Templates can be used to specify what files should be updated or newly generated and also which MIB information is used for which file.
  • Live preview with diff of existing code vs. generated code, makes adapting templates, code mapping for refactory migrations very easy.
  • Built-in code formatters for Java as well as option to plugin external formatters like clang-format that support stdin to stdout formatting.
  • Custom properties on MIB nodes. Properties are inherited by sub tree nodes.
  • MIB editor with syntax highlighting, background compiler, and pretty printing.
  • A very precise MIB compiler which can be used to check MIB files for compliance with SMI (and PIB).
  • Code generation according to AGENT-CAPABILITIES statements.
  • Project support and command line interface for integration in your build environment.
  • Formatting of MIB files and HTML export of MIB modules.
  • Built-in SNMPv1/v2c/v3 agent simulator.
  • SNMP object value initialization and trap/notification template code generation (already integrated in SNMP4J templates).
  • Maven-Plugin for integration of AgenPro into Java based build environments.
  • Runs on command line with Java 8 or later. To leverage all features (i.e. built-in code formatting), Java JRE 11 or later is required.