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AgentX API

SNMP4J-AgentX implements the AgentX 1.0 master and subagent protocol as defined by RFC 2741 and 2742.
It adds AgentX and other enterprise class features to the SNMP4J-Agent Java™ SNMP agent API.

SNMP4J-AgentX extends SNMP4J-Agent (with SNMP4J) by:

  • Full AgentX 1.0 protocol support, including contexts, shared tables, index allocation, ping PDUs, connection timeout handling, etc.
  • Implementation of the AGENTX-MIB for the master agent.
  • TCP transport mapping for the AgentX protocol.
  • Code generation from MIB specifications is provided through AgenPro which is a language and API independent template based code generator with round-trip generation facilities.
  • Fast and efficient virtual table base classes with row caching for fast and memory saving access of database instrumented SNMP tables.