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SNMP4J-AgentJMX implements a descriptive mapping from JMX MBean instrumentation to SNMP scalars, tables, and notifications.
It adds AgentX and other enterprise class features to the SNMP4J-Agent Java™ SNMP agent API.

SNMP4J-AgentJMX extends SNMP4J-Agent (with SNMP4J) by:

  • Map MBean values to SNMP table columns and vice versa.
  • Map tabular JMX data to a SNMP4J-Agent mutable table model.
  • Map an internal row identifier of a table to a MBean ObjectName.
  • Map scalar SNMP values with MBean based instrumentation.
  • Map tabular JMX data to a SNMP4J-Agent table model.
  • Map MBean tabular keys to SNMP table indexes.
  • Forward JMX notifications as SNMP notifications (traps).