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Annual Support Agreements

Need strong, firsthand support with guaranteed response time? Then one of the AGENTPP Annual Support Agreements is the right choice for you.

The annual support package includes:

  • Access to the AGENTPP issue tracking system https://support.snmp.app for a single user account.
  • Unlimited bugfixes for bugs reported during the purchased support period.
  • Up to six incidents about usage, understanding, and optimization during the purchased support period about
    • SNMP4J, SNMP4J-Agent, and SNMP4J-AgentX, SNMP4J-SMI-PRO, SNMP4J-Model, SNMP4J-CLT  (SNMP4J Annual Support Agreement)
    • SNMP++, AGENT++, and AgentX++ (AGENT++ Annual Support Agreement)
  • Guaranteed response time is less than 48h on German business days. Typically, support incidents will be answered within 24h.
  • Support is provided by E-Mail via support@agentpp.com or entering an issue to the tracking system.
  • Commercial support can be purchased online by credit card or via Purchase Order. For more details, please contact sales@agentpp.com.

Commercial support does not include the following:

  • There are no claims for extending APIs and tools by new features associated with purchasing support. However, any feature requests will be added to the normal product verification process. For more details see the standard support agreement.
  • Writing ready-to-use applications, modules, or routines.