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AgentX++ API

The AgentX++ C++ framework provides a complete AgentX protocol (RFC 2741) implementation that adds AgentX master and sub-agent support to AGENT++. AgenPro provies ready-to-use templates for the code generation for AgentX++ master and subagents.

The Agent Extensibility (AgentX) Protocol allows independently developed sub-agents to communicate with a master agent running on an internet device. AgentX++ adds AgentX support for master and sub-agents to any AGENT++ SNMP agent. AgentX++ supports UNIX domain socket and TCP socket connections and includes a full implementation of the AgentX MIB (RFC 2742). AgentX++ needs multi-threading beeing enabled in AGENT++ for AgentX master agents. The supported platforms include Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, cygwin, and Windows XP/7/8 (only TCP).

In order to add AgentX support to your AGENT++ agent only a few lines of code have to be changed. The necessary changes are shown in a AgentX master agent example and a AgentX sub-agent example.

AgentX++ implements all features of the AgentX protocol, including but not limited to the following:

  • UNIX domain socket connections on UNIX systems.
  • TCP connections on UNIX and Windows NT.
  • Non-default contexts.
  • Shared tables, including INDEX allocation.
  • Uses AgentX GETBULK.
  • AgentX request timeout handling.
  • AgentX MIB.
  • Atomic SET requests across multiple subagents.
  • Seamless adding and dropping of connections and sessions.
  • AgenPro a powerful code generator that supports round-trip engineering is also available for AgentX++.